News & Breedings

Current breeding's  with Ruby, Reba, Seven and Kess Pregnancy is unknown at this time 

The waiting list has over 50 people on it as of sept 1 2020..

  There will most probably be NO black and rust females avalable until Christmas of 2021

There is a limited registration pricing available on red minpins. Starting $950 for females and 825 for males. For Black & Rust add $ 150 with this all you get is a micro chipped dog under spay or nuter contract and limited registration


Due to the China Toilet Paper scare  most shows are canceled

Ear cropping.
I have finally located a veterinarian specializing in ear cropping, however this will add two weeks and $600 to the cost of your puppy. I will not be allowing pick up of the puppy to the new owner until the stitches are removed.

 Personal Puppy Delivery Available.
All puppies are hand-delivered, another words I am placing the puppy directly in the new owners hands. This way there is no doubt that you are receiving a perfectly healthy puppy. This is more expensive and the charge will be $200 above the cost of a round trip business class airline ticket if you are willing to pick the dog up at the airport, directly from me.

  In most cases this cost more than the dog itself. 

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