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Don't be fooled by fake CKC registered dogs, all My dogs are AKC and meet Breed with H.E.A.R.T certification standards! Parents are all tested free of genetic defects and the Sires even carry OFA CHIC certification and DNA# on file with the AKC.


Certifications and Awards

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Cirt of traning nutrition.jpg
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bred with HEART.jpg

The original Dax and T-Pol

AKC Kennel Inspection
Dax Tpol.jpg


My Goal, Is to restore the Miniature Pinscher to its former breed popularity

Prices include AKC registration and LIFETIME Microchip registration.

RED MALE      $925 (Least Expensive) 

Red Female   $1325

Black&Tan Male     $1525

Black&Tan Female $1625 (most expensive).

Dog Food Just went up 10% so The Price of the puppies Went up $25 on april 2024


Why does full registration cost so much?

ANYONE seeking full registration intends to breed the dog and is needed for registration of the puppies Therefor full registration is set at the price of approximately 1 red male puppy. 

 Ear Cropping (CAN NO LONGER BE DONE DUE TO FIRE DESTROYING KENNEL  I strongly recommend you finding a local vet to crop your puppies' ears.

On a final note; I have been told that people will never Pay over 1000 for a dog.

1. If a dog is not worth more than a iPhone to you, You don't need one of my dogs.

2. I am not a puppy mill! I put many hours and tens of thousands of Dollars into my dogs. I have found that people not willing to pay for a quality dog are also the first to turn a dog loose in the country or abuse the dog at the first sign of hardship. So how much do you value the life and Loyalty of a Healthy Dog???

3. I do not sell to anyone under the age of 21 and a IQ score lower than 95


This is what happens to all Puppies at 7 weeks of age

Recommended Products




Waiting list form
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DO NOT fill out this form if you do not have voicemail set up OR do not answer phone calls!

Help us make a difference

Deposits are non refundable, Your phone must have voicemail setup for contact

Deposit is $325 total. The form fee counts toward the first $125 of the deposit. the other $200 dill be due when your puppy is microchipped at aproxamately 4 weeks of age

Educational Stuff

Toy Breed Puppy Brood Box Prototype

Spay and Nuter Info

Is 6 weeks too young to take Puppies away from Momma? (Momma says No)

Pet Friendly Carpet


If you have to choose one of my videos to share this is the one. 

Natural Pregnancy Supplement for Dogs
At 6 weeks old every puppy gets first shots and worming
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