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Tennessee Miniature Pinscher Breeder

Deer Lodge Tennessee 37726

Little Trucker Kennel.

Miniature Pinscher's

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We Deliver Years of Emotional Support and Loyal Friendship






Waiting list is open on a limited basis.

Ear cropping. Can no longer be done until Kennel is replaced to assure proper care for the puppy during recovery.

DO NOT SPAY or NUTER before one and a half years of age. New research links to shortened life.


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Puppies are Between $1100 & $1600

Ear cropping will take 6 weeks extra and be additional $1100NO EAR CROPPING UNTILL KENNEL REBUILT


Gold Back Price does NOT

Include Deposits because

They are done electronically 

Females are $250 higher than Males Black and rust is $250 higher than Red's.
Full registration adds 1000 (
only needed for breeding)

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FOREVER Inflation Proof
Pricing, deposit Plus

231GB for red boy

302GB for red girl or black boy

378GB for black girl

 4% added to all credit card transactions

ALL FULL REGISTRATION Puppies Come with...   Platinum: AKC Registration ($360 value)...

 Official AKC Registration Certificate...

 AKC Pet Insurance: 30 days of pet health insurance with up to $1500 in coverage...

New Puppy Handbook: Essential care and advice for the new puppy owner...

 AKC GoodDog! Training Helpline: Live telephone support and advice from expert trainers seven days per week for the lifetime of the dog. Whether you need help training your puppy, introducing an adult dog to your home, or improving her manners, AKC trainers can help....

 AKC Reunite Lifetime Enrollment: Help get your dog home safely with a custom collar tag and 24/7/365 protection (((MICROCHIP installed on every puppy )))...

 Complimentary Vet Office Visit: Free initial appointment at an AKC Veterinary Network Provider (AKC VetNET)...

 Pet Poison Helpline Lifetime Access: 24/7 treatment advice from professionals when you urgently need it....

 AKC Certified Pedigree: Discover your dog’s ancestry with this frameable document...

Full registration is required if you are planning to breed your dog so that the puppies they have can also be registered or go to AKC confirmation shows. This is why full registration is approximately the price of a puppy

 $1000 full Reg


All puppies including limited registration get...

Microchip Installed and Lifetime Regestration.

Last but not Least


EVERY Puppy is immunized, wormed and bathed before heading to there new homes!

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NOTE: I do not ship unescorted puppies . If you wish me to deliver a puppy it is $1.87  per mile one way  plus any hotel expenses.  so a 500 mile delivery would be $750 plus 1 nights in a LaQuenta (pet friendly hotel) @ 150 per night total cost for 1000 mile delivery  $1100 approximately. Puppy delivery could cost more than the puppy, Depending on what you want. Movie Star delivery starts at 1 million dollars..;-)
 over 500 mile trips will be calculated by round trip business class air fair. (you pick up puppy at your local airport) 

Free delivery to truck stop in Crossville Tennessee 

I will deliver to Nashville TN. (BNA) Airport for $60, just to cover parking and gas (200 mile drive)

Please help us put Puppy Mills